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Predicting Demographics from Meibography Using Deep Learning
Jiayun Wang and Andrew D. Graham and Stella X. Yu and Meng C. Lin
Nature Scientific Reports, 2022

This study introduces a deep learning approach to predicting demographic features from meibography images. A total of 689 meibography images with corresponding subject demographic data were used to develop a deep learning model for predicting gland morphology and demographics from images. The model achieved on average 77\%, 76\%, and 86\% accuracies for predicting Meibomian gland morphological features, subject age, and ethnicity, respectively. The model was further analyzed to identify the most highly weighted gland morphological features used by the algorithm to predict demographic characteristics. The two most important gland morphological features for predicting age were the percent area of gland atrophy and the percentage of ghost glands. The two most important morphological features for predicting ethnicity were gland density and the percentage of ghost glands. The approach offers an alternative to traditional associative modeling to identify relationships between Meibomian gland morphological features and subject demographic characteristics. This deep learning methodology can currently predict demographic features from de-identified meibography images with better than 75\% accuracy, a number which is highly likely to improve in future models using larger training datasets, which has significant implications for patient privacy in biomedical imaging.

image-based demographics prediction, deep learning