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Semantic Analysis of (Reflectional) Visual Symmetry: A Human-Centred Computational Model for Declarative Explainability
Jakob Suchan and Mehul Bhatt and Srikrishna Vardarajan and Seyed Ali Amirshahi and Stella Yu
Advances in Cognitive Systems, 2018

We present a computational model for the semantic interpretation of symmetry in naturalistic scenes. Key features include a human-centred representation, and a declarative, explainable interpretation model supporting deep semantic question-answering founded on an integration of methods in knowledge representation and deep learning based computer vision. In the backdrop of the visual arts, we showcase the framework's capability to generate human-centred, queryable, relational structures, also evaluating the framework with an empirical study on the human perception of visual symmetry. Our framework represents and is driven by the application of foundational, integrated Vision and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning methods for applications in the arts, and the psychological and social sciences.

reflectional symmetry, declarative explainability