601.817: Selected Topics in Systems Research

Fall 2020

Fridays 10-11:30am, Zoom Meeting

Prof. Ryan Huang


601.817 is a weekly seminar organized by the OrderLab. It covers latest advances in the research of computer systems including operating systems, distributed system, mobile and cloud computing. Students will read and discuss recent papers in top systems conferences such as OSDI, SOSP, NSDI, EuroSys, MobiSys, ASPLOS and FAST.

Each week, one student will present the paper and lead the discussion for the week. Other students MUST read the paper to be presented before the seminar. Do not come to the seminar to read the paper. This seminar is supposed to generate in-depth discussions. It is impossible to do so without reading the paper first. During the reading group discussion, there might be some questions that were left unanswered and required further investigation. In that case, the discussion lead should start a email thread to systalk@cs.jhu.edu afterwards to follow up.

The focus topics covered in the papers vary semester to semester. Example topics include fault-tolerance, reliability, verification, energy efficiency, and virtualization. The presenter decides which paper to present. In general, select the papers that are relevant to your research project first (i.e., depth-first). If you are not sure, it is a good idea to check with me first before preparing the presentation. Also, try to avoid picking papers that have already been picked in the past (the past schedules are linked on the leftside menu).

The presentation announcements are sent via the mailing list systalk@cs.jhu.edu. Students who registered for the course please email me to sign up for the mailing list.


09/04/2020 Haoze Wu

Efficient and Scalable Thread-Safety Violation Detection --- Finding thousands of concurrency bugs during testing

Guangpu Li (University of Chicago), Shan Lu (University of Chicago), Madanlal Musuvathi (Microsoft Research), Suman Nath (Microsoft Research), Rohan Padhye (Berkeley)

SOSP '19 Paper
09/11/2020 Canceled
09/18/2020 Canceled
09/25/2020 Yigong Hu

Interruptible Tasks: Treating Memory Pressure As Interrupts for Highly Scalable Data-Parallel Programs

Lu Fang, Khanh Nguyen, Guoqing Xu, Brian Demsky (University of California, Irvine), Shan Lu (University of Chicago)

SOSP '15 Paper
10/02/2020 Haoze Wu

Effective Concurrency Testing for Distributed Systems

Xinhao Yuan, Junfeng Yang, Columbia University

ASPLOS '20 Paper
10/09/2020 Chang Lou

Finding Semantic Bugs in File Systems with an Extensible Fuzzing Framework

Seulbae Kim, Meng Xu, Sanidhya Kashyap, Jungyeon Yoon, Wen Xu, Taesoo Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology

SOSP '19 Paper
10/16/2020 Yigong Hu

Automated Reasoning and Detection of Specious Configuration in Large Systems with Symbolic Execution

Yigong Hu, Gongqi Huang, Peng Huang, Johns Hopkins University

Practice Talk

OSDI '20 Paper
10/23/2020 Brian Choi

Pronto: Easy and Fast Persistence for Volatile Data Structures

Amirsaman Memaripour, Joseph Izraelevitz, Steven Swanson, UCSD

ASPLOS '20 Paper
10/30/2020 Yuzhuo Jing

Light-Weight Contexts: An OS Abstraction for Safety and Performance

James Litton, University of Maryland and Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS); Anjo Vahldiek-Oberwagner, Eslam Elnikety, and Deepak Garg, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS); Bobby Bhattacharjee, University of Maryland; Peter Druschel, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS)

OSDI '16 Paper
11/06/2020 OSDI '20
11/13/2020 Canceled
11/20/2020 Brian Choi

Persistent State Machines for Recoverable In-memory Storage Systems with NVRam

Wen Zhang, UC Berkeley; Scott Shenker, UC Berkeley/ICSI; Irene Zhang, Microsoft Research/University of Washington

OSDI '20 Paper
11/27/2020 Thanksgiving
12/04/2020 Gongqi Huang

Caladan: Mitigating Interference at Microsecond Timescales

Joshua Fried and Zhenyuan Ruan, MIT CSAIL; Amy Ousterhout, UC Berkeley; Adam Belay, MIT CSAIL

OSDI '20 Paper