University of Michigan

Fall, 2012 Workshop in Philosophy and Linguistics

  The topic of the workshop for this, the tenth year of  
   a regular series, is conditionals and modality.

  Attendance for those who are not faculty or registered
   students at the University of Michigan is by invitation only.

  Dates:   The workshop will be held December 7-9, 2012.

  Workshop Organizer:
  Rich Thomason <>


Ana Arregui, "On Indexical Anchoring in Conditionals"
Sarah Moss, "On the Pragmatics of Epistemic Modals"
Robert Stalnaker, "May, Might and If"
Will Starr, "Structured Possible Worlds"
Malte Willer, "Dynamic Thoughts on Ifs and Oughts"

 Program:   See  here for information about presented papers and commenters.

 See  here for a time schedule.