Connecting the serial port to a console

This web page explains how to connect the E100 to a console via the serial port. Connecting to a console has many uses, the most common of which is displaying information to help you debug your E100 program.

You can connect the E100 to several types of consoles.

To print debugging output to the serial console, your E100 program must send the ASCII values for the characters you want to print to the serial send controller. E.g., to print abc, send the numbers 97, 98, 99. To print a newline, send the values 13 (carriage return) and 10 (linefeed). If you want to display numeric values, you'll have to convert the number to a series of ASCII values. E.g., to display the number 123, you could send the values 49, 50, 51. It's easiest to display the number in hexadecimal, because you can easily isolate each digit with shift and add instructions.

For more information, see Lab 7's handout on serial communication