Touchscreen controller

The Touchscreen controller works with the DE2-115's USB controller to communicate with a Planar PT1510MX or PT15 touchscreen. The touchscreen controller is implemented in usb.v, usbram.v, and usbram.mif.

touch_command and touch_response implement the standard I/O protocol. There are no command parameters. The response parameters are touch_x, touch_y, and touch_pressed. touch_x and touch_y describe the location at which the touchscreen was last pressed or released. touch_pressed is 1 when the touchscreen is pressed and 0 otherwise.

The touchscreen controller responds only when there is a new event to report, i.e., the user presses or releases the touchscreen, or moves the location that is being pressed.

ase100 simulates the touchscreen controller accurately enough to test your device driver and to run assembly-language programs.

Lab 7 task

Write a device driver for the touchscreen controller that a program can call to read a touchscreen event from the touchscreen controller. Then, write a test program that continuously reads events from the touchscreen controller and displays the maximum x and y coordinates received on the hexdigits.

Optional: If one of your teammates has written a driver for the VGA monitor, try displaying the current touchscreen position as a pixel on the VGA monitor.