SPI controller

You may not choose the SPI controller for Lab 7.

The SPI controller handles the low-level details of communicating with a device using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) protocol. The controller is implemented in spi.v.

spi_command and spi_response implement the standard I/O protocol. There is one command parameter (spi_send_data) and one response parameter (spi_receive_data).

You will connect the SPI controller to an external device using the General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins on the DE2-115 board. top.v uses GPIO[4] (pin 5) for the master-in slave-out (MISO) signal, GPIO[5] (pin 6) for the master-out slave-in (MOSI) signal, GPIO[6] (pin 7) for the SPI clock, and GPIO[7] (pin 8) for the slave select (SS) signal.

ase100 ignores SPI commands, so you will need to use the DE2-115 to test any project that uses SPI.