SDRAM controller

You may not choose SDRAM for Lab 7.

The DE2-115 includes synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) that can stores 32 megawords, i.e., 33554432 32-bit words. The SDRAM controller handles the low-level details of communicating with SDRAM. The SDRAM controller is implemented in sdram.v.

sdram_command and sdram_response implement the standard I/O protocol. The command parameters are sdram_write, sdram_address, and sdram_data_write. sdram_address specifies the address that the E100 is asking to access.

If sdram_write=1, this signifies that the program wants to write the value contained in sdram_data_write to the specified location in SDRAM.

If sdram_write=0, this signifies that the program wants to read the specified location in SDRAM. In this case, the data read from SDRAM will be returned in the response parameter sdram_data_read.

ase100 simulates the SDRAM controller accurately enough for you to test your device driver and to run assembly-language programs. Click the Save SDRAM button to save the contents of SDRAM to a file.