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Nicole Hamilton, April 4, 2015

Nicole Hamilton

Lecturer III
Computer Science and Engineering
University of Michigan
2649 Beyster
2260 Hayward Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121

C: 425-765-9574


I've spent most of my career as a system designer on new product teams and as an entrepreneur selling Hamilton C shell, a product I wrote in my living room 30 years ago.

In early 2003, I became the ninth dev on the team that created what became the Bing engine. I wrote the ranker, the part that orders the results, and the query compiler, that part that decides what the user is looking for. Overall, I contributed about 30 KLOC to the first release, representing about 10% of all the code in the backend as of the time we went live.

I never expected to be teaching at a university. I feel lucky to be here.