Work/Research Experience

  • Present Jan. 2017

    Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Michigan ― Real-Time Computing Laboratory.

    I am investigating security and privacy aspects of connected vehicles.

  • Aug. 2021 Jun. 2021

    Visiting Researcher at CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security ― Secure Cyber-Physical Systems Group & Trusted Systems Group.

    I worked on Android Automotive security with my supervisors Nils Ole Tippenhauer and Sven Bugiel.

  • Aug. 2020 Jun. 2020

    Intern at General Motors ― Research & Development.

    I developed a light-weight V2V-based anomaly detection scheme for connected vehicles.

  • Aug. 2019 May 2019

    Intern at Harman International ― Product Security.

    I worked on Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) for products, as well as conducted a high-level security analysis of Android Automotive for next-generation in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platforms.

  • Aug. 2018 Jun. 2018

    Intern at General Motors ― Research & Development.

    I investigated a privacy protection scheme for vehicular time-series data using differential privacy.

  • Oct. 2016 Jan. 2016

    Researcher at Audi ― Electronics Venture.

    I investigated a firewall design for the next-generation automotive domain architecture.

  • Dec. 2015 Sep. 2015

    Visiting Scholar at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) ― Automotive Cybersecurity & Privacy Group.

    I investigated context-aware automotive intrusion detection systems. Additionally, I worked on writing requirements for Uptane , a SOTA platform for vehicles.

  • Aug. 2015 Mar. 2015

    Intern at Bertrandt ― In-Vehicle Networks and Gateway Team.

    I designed test cases to validate the AUTOSAR Ethernet stack and ran a selection of those on an OEM ECU to test its Automotive Ethernet adaption.

  • Oct. 2013 Aug. 2013

    Intern at BFFT ― Vehicle Interface Development Team.

    I developed some extensions to a CAN data logger implementation as part of my embedded software design internship.

  • Sep. 2012 Aug. 2012

    Intern at Panasonic ― Relays Testing Laboratory.

    I worked on creating electronic circuits to test the functionality of relay samples produced locally at the factory site.

Teaching Experience

  • Dec. 2021 Sep. 2021

    Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) at the University of Michigan ― Computer Science and Engineering.

    Classes taught: EECS 571 Principles of Real-Time Embedded Systems (Fall Term 2021)

  • Jul. 2014 May 2013

    Teaching Assistant at the Technical University of Munich ― Department of Electrical Engineering.

    Classes taught: Electricity and Magnetism (Summer Term 2013), Analog Signal Processing (Winter Term 2013/14), Stochastic Signals (Winter Term 2013/14), Introduction to Computer Architecture (Summer Term 2014)