Winter 2023 EECS 570 Enrollment Policy

EECS 570 has experienced an enrollment surge in the last couple of years. The course was not designed for such high enrollments and is very difficult to scale beyond approximately 65 students without sacrificing part of its educational experience for students. I tried to scale it up in Winter 2022 and ran into significant difficulties, particularly with supervision of the final research projects. In addition, it is imperative that EECS PhD students be able to take the course if they need to do so (e.g., if it is relevant to their research). In response to these factors, I have instituted a waitlist-only enrollment policy for EECS 570 for Winter 2023. If you would like to enroll in EECS 570 for Winter 2023, please waitlist yourself for the course. My current intention is to let in all EECS PhD students from the waitlist at the start of term, followed by letting in additional eligible students in waitlist order up to the enrollment cap of 65.

For non-EECS graduate students: if you're facing issues even getting on the waitlist, it may be due to restrictions that were enforced last year allowing EECS grad students first dibs for getting into EECS grad courses. Check with the advising office if that's what's affecting you. If it is, those restrictions should be removed in due course. In any case, no one is getting enrolled into the actual course until the start of term due to the waitlist-based enrollment policy.

Under no circumstances will more than 65 students be enrolled into the course. Even if a student wishes to use EECS 570 to fulfill a graduation requirement, if there are already 65 students enrolled in the class, I will not be able to accept the additional student. Please keep these points in mind when selecting your courses for the Winter term.

All the best,