Fei Li

Office: 4945 BBBB, 2260 Hayward Street
Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-2121
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Michigan
Email: lifei AT umich DOT edu

About Me:

I'm a Ph.D. candidate advised by Professor H. V. Jagadish at the Database Group, University of Michigan. My research interests focus on Database Usability, especially, how to enable non-technical users to compose logically complex queries. Before that, I worked on Data Integretion in Harbin Institute of Technology when I was an undergraduate student.

Besides, I am the cofounder of Caimi, which helps non-technical users query Chinese stock market data. It already accumulated more than 100,000 registered users.


NaLIR is a generic interactive natural language interface for querying relational databases. It is able to handle even quite complex queries in a variety of application domains, and the carefully designed interactive communications can avoid misinterpretation with minimum user burden.

Schema-free SQL is a framework that enables users to specify queries over relational databases without requiring full knowledge of the schema. Schema-free SQL respects whatever specifications are given, all the way from a little more than keywords to full SQL.

Approximate XML Joins (undergraduate): Various approaches are proposed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy in approximate XML joins, e.g. hash-based methods, transformation-based methods and filter-refinement mechanisms.


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Information Science, 2014.

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