Robots used in our Research

Vulcan is a wheelchair robot with an onboard computer and several sensors. It has a stereo camera mounted on a pan-tilt unit, two laser range-finders - one mounted horizontally (blue) and the other vertically (yellow), and two optical encoders over the rear wheels. Vulcan has been used for research on mapping, human-robot interaction, control, and safe navigation.

Lassie is an RWI Magellan Pro. It has a SICK LMS (blue) laser range-finders mounted on top and rings of sonar, IR, and bump sensors all around it. Lassie has been used for research on mapping, and bootstrap learning.

Clifford is an iRobot ATRV Jr. It has two SICK PLS laser range-finders mounted on top and is used for outdoor research. An omnidirectional camera can also be mounted on Clifford (not shown in picture) to give it a 360 degree view of its surroundings.

The latest addition to our lab is a small robot arm by Lynxmotion. It is intended to be used for bootstrap learning research.

Older Robots

A gallery of the older robots in our lab used for research and demonstration purposes. The Rhino Arm on the right is still occasionally used.

Author: AM