Benjamin Kuipers

Computer Science and Engineering Division,
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department,
University of Michigan.

Academic Genealogy

One's doctoral advisor is one's academic parent.

Here's a branch through another advisor of William Edward Story:

This branch, through another advisor of Felix Klein, includes Gauss and links back to Kästner:

The source for this is the Mathematics Genealogy Project.

(With a previous version, I had written: "At one point, I was very excited to think that Gauss was one of my direct academic ancestors, but alas updated information suggests that he is only my ninth cousin, seven times removed, with common ancestor Abraham Kästner. A lot of Minsky's descendents still have the Gauss ancestry listed. If MGP changes their mind, I'll happily change it back." So they did, and I have.)

(Thanks also to information gleaned from academic genealogy listings for theoretical computer science and AI, and for personal academic genealogies created by Eric Paulos and Haym Hirsh.)

See this page for my academic descendants.

Erdos Number

At most 5.

Benjamin Kuipers -- Sebastian Thrun -- Daphne Koller -- Nimrod Megiddo -- Miklos Ajtai -- Paul Erdos.

At most 4.

Benjamin Kuipers -- Karl J. Astrom (Erdos number 3).

At most 3.

Benjamin Kuipers -- Andrew B. Whinston (Erdos number 2).