By courtesy of my current advisor, Prof. Jason Flinn, I moved to University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 2016, after mournful loss of my formal advisor, Prof. Karsten Schwan.

I received B.S. in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2015. Right after the graduation, I joined a journey of Ph.D. at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2015.

During the college, I involved in researches under the guidance of Dr. Minsung Jang and Prof. Karsten Schwan. Before joining CERCS, I focused on mobile network measurement research under the guidance of Prof. Nick Feamster.

Prior to the college, I attended high school named Allen Academy, College Station, Texas, while concurrently taking classes at Texas A&M University as the high-school enrichment program, in which I learned discrete math by Prof. Hyunyoung Lee and C++ by Dr. Teresa Leyk.

During adolescence, I focused on networking protocols at routing-level and was ceritified as CCIE #25158 at 2009.