By courtesy of his current advisor, Prof. Jason Flinn, Joseph moved to University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 2016, after mournful loss of his formal advisor, Prof. Karsten Schwan.

Joseph received B.S. in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2015. Right after his graduation, Joseph joined a journey of Ph.D at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2015.

During the college, Joseph involved in researches under the guidance of Dr. Minsung Jang and Prof. Karsten Schwan. Before joining CERCS, Joseph focused on mobile network measurement research under the guidance of Prof. Nick Feamster.

Prior to the college, Joseph attended high school named Allen Academy, College Station, Texas, while concurrently taking classes at Texas A&M University as the high-school enrichment program, in which he learned discrete math by Prof. HyunYoung Lee and C++ by Dr. Teresa Leyk.

During high school, Joseph focused on networking protocols and is certified as CCIE# 25158 at 2009.