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Updated July 7, 2016            


Current Position

Vennema Professor of Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

University of Michigan

Previous Appointments



Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison



Visiting Associate Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Newcastle, Australia



Senior Lecturer (Tenured)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Newcastle, Australia

Power stream restructuring; web-based MEng program.



Planning Engineer Transmission Systems

Transmission Planning

Queensland Electricity Commission

Transmission planning; controller design/tuning and commissioning; transmission investigations.



Security Applications Engineer

System Operations

Queensland Electricity Commission

EMS security subsystem development; state-estimation development and commissioning.


1980 - 1982

Distribution Engineer

Capricornia Electricity Board

Substation maintenance; distribution system planning.

Academic Record

1991  Doctor of Philosophy,  The University of Newcastle,  Newcastle, Australia.
1983  Bachelor of Applied Science (Mathematics),  Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education,  Rockhampton, Australia.
1980  Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical),  Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education,  Rockhampton, Australia.

Research Interests

Power system analysis:

System dynamics and control; Non-disruptive load control; Wind generation (impact on system dynamics, voltage regulation); Load behaviour (plug-in electric vehicle charging, power electronic loads); Dynamic models and parameter estimation; Optimization.

Nonlinear systems:

Inverse problems; Hybrid dynamical systems; Trajectory sensitivity analysis; Stability theory; Differential-algebraic systems; Bifurcation analysis; Uncertainty analysis.


Optimal control; Predictive control; Nonlinear control; Distributed control.


Journal papers:  63

Book chapters:  8

Conference papers:  145

Numerous reports


Former Editor, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.
Former Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology.
Former Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-I: Regular Papers.
Technical Program Committee member for numerous conferences, including: Power Systems Computation Conference, IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, American Control Conference, IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems.


2013 Honorary Professor at Beijing Institute of Technology, China.
2012 Honorary Professor at the University of Newcastle, Australia.
2010  Prize paper award for the IEEE PES Power System Dynamic Performance Technical Committee.
2007  Honorary Professor in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the University of Queensland, Australia.
2007  Elected Fellow of Engineers Australia.
2006  Elected Fellow of the IEEE for contributions to modelling and analysis of power systems.
2001  Honorary membership of Eta Kappa Nu (electrical and computer engineering honour society).
1998  Prize paper at AUPEC'98.
1996  Nominated for Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year.
1995  Prize paper at Stockholm PowerTech.
1993  Centre for Advancement of Learning and Teaching Conference Fellowship.
1983  Prize for best undergraduate Mathematics thesis.
1976-1979  Three prizes for achievement in the Electrical Engineering degree program.
Plenary presentations at numerous conferences.
Invited presentations at more than thirty-six institutions worldwide.

Research Grants

Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E)

Energy Positioning: Control and Economics (2011-2014)

High Fidelity, Year Long Power Network Data Sets for Replicable Power System Research (2016-2018)

National Science Foundation

Foundations of Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems (FORCES) (2013-2018)

Modeling and Analysis of Uncertain Cyber-Enabled Power Systems (2013-2017)

An Algorithm Suite for Computational Nonlinear Analysis of Power Systems (2010-2013)

A Multi-Scale Design and Control Framework for Dynamically Coupled Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructures, with Application to Vehicle-to-Grid Integration (2008-2013)

Uncertainty Evaluation and Mitigation in Electrical Power Systems (2007-2011)

System Integration of Distributed Generation (2005-2008)

Distributed Model Predictive Control of Large-Scale, Networked Systems (2005-08)

Integrating Electrical, Economic and Environmental Factors into Flexible Power System Engineering (2003-2005)

A Hybrid Systems View of Inverse Problems in Power System Dynamics (2001-04)

Optimal Bidding Strategies in Transmission Limited Electricity Power Markets (2000-02)

A Hybrid Approach to Transport Industry Modeling: A Power System Viewpoint (2000-02)

Department of Energy

US-China Clean Energy Research Center - Clean Vehicles (2011-2016)

Reconfiguring Power Systems to Minimize Cascading Failures: Models and Algorithms (2009-2012)

Strategies for Voltage Control and Transient Stability Assessment (2009-2012)

Transportation Electrification Education Partnership for Green Jobs and Sustainable Mobility (2009-2012)

Tuning of WECC Generic Dynamic Model of Wind Turbine Generators (2008-2010)

Australian Research Council

Analysis and Assessment of Voltage Collapse (1998-2000)

Estimation of Power System Parameters (1997-98)

Security Analysis and Enhancement of Large Power Systems (1993-95)

EPRI - Department of Defence

Towards Understanding Faults and Failure Within Large Distributed Networked Systems (1999-2001)


Impact of Increased DFIG Wind Penetration on Power System Reliability and Consequent Market Adjustments (2007-09)

Optimal Allocation of Static and Dynamic VAR Resources (2005-07)

Security Enhancement Through Direct Non-Disruptive Load Control (2002-05)

New System Control Methodologies (1999-2002)

Australian Electricity Supply Industry Research Board

Voltage Collapse Analysis and Control (1992-95)

Postgraduate Supervision/Examination

Supervision of 36 graduate students.
Thesis examination/opponent for doctoral candidates at sixteen universities across nine countries.


University of Michigan

EECS215 Introduction to Electronic Circuits

EECS463 Power System Design and Operation

EECS498 Grid Integration of Alternative Energy Sources

EECS598 Infrastructure for Vehicle Electrification

EECS598 Electricity Networks and Markets

University of Wisconsin - Madison

ECE230 Circuit Analysis

ECE334 State Space Systems Analysis

ECE342 Electronic Circuits II

ECE427 Electric Power Systems

ECE723 On-line Control of Power Systems

ECE731 Advanced Power System Analysis

ECE733 Computational Methods for Large Sparse Systems

ECE905 Special Topics in Electric Power System Operation, Markets, Reliability, and Blackouts

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ECE210  Analog Signal Processing

ECE330  Power Circuits and Electromechanics

ECE452 Computational Techniques for Circuit Analysis and Design

ECE497  Advanced Topics in Power System Dynamics

University of Newcastle, Australia

ELEC231  Electrical Circuits

ELEC312  Introduction to Electrical Systems

ELEC350  Communications

ELEC410  Advanced Power

ELEC411  Electrical System Design

ELEC412  Electrical System Dynamics and Control

ELEC454  Engineering Electromagnetics


Bonneville Power Administration

Powerlink, Queensland.

Powerflow development

Optimal load-shedding design


Investigation of oscillations in distribution system

AGC behaviour over weakly connected systems

DOE Power Outage Study Team.

Presentation to Lake County (IL) Regional Planning Commission

Professional Activities

Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Power Engineering Society

Power System Dynamic Performance Committee; Power System Stability Controls Subcommittee; Power System Stability Subcommittee.

Circuits and Systems Society

Past-Chair, Power Systems and Power Electronic Circuits Technical Committee.

Control Systems Society

Past-Chair, Technical Committee on Control of Energy Processing and Power Systems.

Fellow, Engineers Australia.

Chartered Professional Engineer in Australia.

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