EECS 542: Advanced Topics in Computer Vision

This class is from a previous semester.

These are the final papers.

DateClassMeta-TopicTopicPresentersPaper 1Paper 2Presentation
Review Panels
Things Due
Aug 31 20200Getting SituatedIntrofouhey
Sep 2 20201 Reading, Writing,
& Arithmetic
Sep 7 20202The BasicsLabor Day
Sep 9 20203 Architecturesfouhey, fouhey, fouheyDensely connected convolutional
networks (Huang et al. CVPR 2017)
Designing Network Design Spaces
(Radosavovic et al. CVPR 2020)
A; F
Sep 14 20204Different Means
of Learning
Optimizationeslubana, fouhey, fouheyDecoupled Weight Decay
Regularization (Loshchilov et al.
ICLR 2019)
On Empirical Comparisons of
Optimizers for Deep Learning (Choi
et al. Arxiv 2019)
B; G
Sep 16 20205 Self-supervised learningckonicki, yushuz, yianzMomentum Contrast for
Unsupervised Visual
Representation Learning (He et al.
Unsupervised Learning of Visual
Features by Contrasting Cluster
Assignments (Caron et al. Arxiv
C; H
Sep 21 20206 Metalearningfouhey, jiezzliu, shensqModel-Agnostic Meta-Learning for
Fast Adaptation of Deep Networks
(Finn et al. ICML 2017)
Rethinking Few-Shot Image
Classification: A Good Embedding
Is All You Need? (Tian et al. ECCV
D; I
Sep 23 20207DetectionDetectionhsuanc, kennyfan, robintzgMaskRCNN (He et al. ICCV 2017)PointRend: Image Segmentation as
Rendering (Kirillov et al. CVPR
E; J
Sep 28 20208 More Detectionjoecc, daynauth, guoruiLVIS: A Dataset for Large
Vocabulary Instance Segmentation
(Gupta et al. CVPR 2019)
Objects as Points (Zhou et al. Arxiv
F; A
Sep 30 20209Data Gone WrongDataset biasdywsjtu, jminlee, tonyztcAn Unbiased Look at Dataset Bias
(Torralba and Efros CVPR 2011)
Do ImageNet Classifiers
Generalize to ImageNet? (Recht et
al. ICML 2019)
G; B Re-Proposal Due
Oct 5 202010 Domain adaptationfouhey, chengjia, hzwangUnderstanding Self-Training for
Gradual Domain Adaptation (Kumar
et al. ICML 2020)
Cluster Alignment with a Teacher
for Unsupervised Domain
Adaptation (Deng et al. ICCV 2019)
H; C
Oct 7 2020113D3D – Implicit Functionsmanasjb, kamako, dasyedPIFu: Pixel-Aligned Implicit
Function for High-Resolution
Clothed Human Digitization (Saito
et al. ICCV 2019)
Occupancy Networks: Learning 3D
Reconstruction in Function Space
(Mescheder et al. CVPR 2019)
I; D
Oct 12 202012 3D – Multiviewfouhey, mingshuo, zyqNeRF (Mildenhall et al. ECCV 2020)Differentiable Volumetric
Rendering: Learning Implicit 3D
Representations without 3D
Supervision (Niemeyer et al. CVPR
J; E
Oct 14 202013EmbodimentNavigationbijustin, aliangdw, liubryanNeural Topological SLAM for Visual
Navigation (Chaplot et al. CVPR
SoundSpaces: Audio-Visual
Navigation in 3D Environments
(Chen et al. ECCV 2020)
A; F
Oct 19 202014 Robotics & Grasping fouhey, spradeep, mwilmesGrasping in the Wild: Learning 6DoF
Closed-Loop Grasping from
Low-Cost Demonstrations (Song et
al. RAL 2020)
6-DOF Grasping for Target-driven
Object Manipulation in Clutter
(ICRA 2020)
B; G Project Proposal Due
Oct 21 202015PeoplePeoplefouhey, fouhey, aligolLearning joint reconstruction of
hands and manipulated objects
(Hasson et al. CVPR 2019)
Perceiving 3D Human-Object
Spatial Arrangements from a Single
Image in the Wild (Zhang et al. ECCV
C; H
Oct 26 202016 Affordancesfouhey, stanlew, shiyuliuCategory-Level Articulated
Object Pose Estimation (Li et al.
CVPR 2020)
Grasping Field: Learning Implicit
Representations for Human Grasps
(Karunratanakul et al. Arxiv 2020)
D; I
Oct 28 202017What Are Our
Models Doing?
Ethics & Fairnessfouhey, fouhey, sjabbourGender Shades: Intersectional
Accuracy Disparities in
Commercial Gender Classification
(Buolamwini and Gebru FAT 2018)
Dissecting racial bias in an
algorithm used to manage the health
of populations (Obermeyer et al.
Science 2019)
E; J
Nov 2 202018 Interpretationfouhey, fouhey, fouheyAdversarial Filters of Dataset
Biases (Le Bras et al. ICML 2020)
Grounding Visual Explanations
(Hendricks et al. ECCV 2018)
F; A
Nov 4 202019TimeVideosttzhan, zxbian, yuanfenwRescaling Egocentric Vision
(Damen et al. ECCV 2020)
What Matters in Unsupervised
Optical Flow (Jonschkowski et al.
ECCV 2020)
G; B
Nov 9 202020 Reasoning about Timefouhey, zycui, zheywVisualCOMET: Reasoning about the
Dynamic Context of a Still Image
(Park et al. ECCV 2020)
Time-Agnostic Prediction:
Predicting Predictable Video
Frames (Jayaraman et al. ICLR 2019)
H; C
Nov 11 202021Other ModalitiesLanguagemuchen, shansal, tozhouEnd-to-End Learning of Visual
Representations from Uncurated
Instructional Videos (Miech et al.
CVPR 2020)
Speech2Action: Cross-modal
Supervision for Action
Recognition (Nagrani et al. CVPR
I; D
Nov 16 202022 Soundsfouhey, ninglu, jingzhuuSelf-Supervised Learning of
Audio-Visual Objects from Video
(Afouras et al. ECCV 2020)
VisualEchoes: Spatial Image
Representation Learning through
Echolocation (Gao et al. ECCV 2020)
J; E
Nov 18 202023More Interesting
Graph Networksbaldeeb, dgeng, lhuoSuperGlue: Learning Feature
Matching with Graph Neural
Networks (Sarlin et al. CVPR 2020)
Space-Time Correspondence as a
Contrastive Random Walk (Jabri et
al. Arxiv 2020)
A; F Project Preliminary Report Due
Nov 23 202024 Thanksgiving
Nov 25 202025ThanksgivingThanksgiving
Nov 30 202026 Transformersfouhey, johnmaxh, dengcyAttention Is All You Need (Vaswani
et al. NeurIPS 2017)
Language Models are Few-Shot
Learners (Brown et al. Arxiv 2020)
B; G
Dec 2 202027Generating PicturesGenerative Modelsguanhuaw, wangyfan, mingyuyNormalizing Flows: An
Introduction and Review of Current
Methods (Kobyzev et al. TPAMI 2020)
Generating Diverse High-Fidelity
Images with VQ-VAE-2 (Razavi et al.
NeurIPS 2019)
C; H
Dec 7 202028 Graphicsfouhey, pkchen, hxwuSynSin: End-to-end View Synthesis
from a Single Image (Wiles et al.
CVPR 2020)
Generative Pretraining from
Pixels (Chen et al. ICML 2020)
D; I Project Final Report Draft