Dissertation committee memberships. Updated 2017-10-5
  1. Jie Li.
    Place recognition and localization for multi-modality underwater navigation with vision and acoustic sensors. UM, 2017
  2. Miao-Bin Lien.
    Problems in scattering and imaging. UM, 2017
  3. Michael Hamel.
    A stochastic imaging technique for spatio-spectral characterization of special nuclear material. UM, 2017
  4. Seongjin Yoon.
    Electron beam X-ray computed tomography for multiphase flows and an experimental study of inter-channel mixing. UM, 2017
  5. Richard Sampson.
    Architectural support for medical imaging. UM, 2017
  6. Yiying Zhu.
    Assessment and control of a cavitation-enabled therapy for minimally invasive myocardial reduction. UM, 2017
  7. Chumin Zhao.
    High resolution active pixel sensor X-ray detectors for digital breast tomosynthesis. UM, 2017
  8. Xin Weng.
    A simplified phase display system for 3D surface measurement and abnormal surface pattern detection. UM, 2017
  9. Aaron Bevill.
    Uncertainty quantification in emission quantitative imaging. UM, 2017
  10. Steven Brown.
    Time-encoded thermal neutron imaging using large-volume pixelated CdZnTe detectors. UM, 2017
  11. David Rowland.
    Improving the scope and quality of single-molecule data analysis. UM, 2017
  12. Yu-Hui Chen.
    Multimodal image fusion and its applications. UM, 2016
  13. Hyun Jeong Cho.
    Autofocus and back-projection in synthetic aperture radar imaging. UM, 2016
  14. Alan Chu.
    Simultaneous multislice functional magnetic resonance imaging. UM, 2016
  15. John Kyle Polack.
    A maximum likelihood approach for localizing and characterizing special nuclear material with a dual particle imager. UM, 2016
  16. Matthew A Prelee.
    Manhattan cutset sampling and sensor networks. UM, 2016
  17. Takanori Watanabe.
    Scalable machine learning methods for massive biomedical data analysis. UM, 2015
  18. Yuanhao Zhai.
    Perceptual image similarity metrics and applications. UM, 2015
  19. Curtis Jin.
    New methods and theory for increasing transmission of light through highly-scattering random media. UM, 2014
  20. Sonal Joshi.
    Coded aperture imaging applied to pixelated CdZnTe detectors. UM, 2014
  21. Elson Yee-Hsin Liu.
    Immersion scatterometry for nanoscale grating topography extraction. UM, 2014
  22. Saiprasad Ravishankar.
    Adaptive sparse representations and their applications. Univ. of Illinois, 2014
  23. Grace S Tsai.
    On-line, incremental visual scene understanding for an indoor navigating robot. UM, 2014
  24. Theodoros Tsiligkaridis.
    High dimensional separable representations for statistical estimation and controlled sensing. UM, 2014
  25. Wongun Choi.
    Understanding complex human behaviour in images and videos. UM, 2013
  26. Tzu-Yu Liu.
    Statistical learning for sample-limited high-dimensional problems with application to biomedical data. UM, 2013
  27. Jae Young Park.
    Compressed sensing in multi-signal environments. UM, 2013
  28. Se Un Park.
    Reconstruction, classification, and segmentation for computational microscopy. UM, 2013
  29. Fei Peng.
    Optimization methods for volumetric modulated arc therapy and radiation therapy under uncertainty. UM, 2013
  30. Paul R Shearer.
    Separable inverse problems, blind deconvolution, and stray light correction for extreme ultraviolet solar images. UM, 2013
  31. Mark Spencer Haynes.
    Full-wave nonlinear inverse scattering for acoustic and electromagnetic breast imaging. UM, 2012
  32. Fong Ming Hooi.
    Optimized beamforming and limited angle tomography of the compressed breast. UM, 2012
  33. Jason Jaworski.
    Compton imaging algorithms for position-sensitive gamma-ray detectors in the presence of motion. UM, 2012
  34. Sricharan Kallur Palli Kumar.
    Neighborhood graphs for estimation of density functionals. UM, 2012
  35. Li Xu.
    High quality 3D shape reconstruction via digital refocusing and pupil apodization in multi-wavelength holographic interferometry. UM, 2012
  36. Ganesh Suryanarayan Dasika.
    Power-efficient accelerators for high-performance applications. UM, 2011
  37. Sam Seoung Huh.
    Preliminary study of an intra-operative PET imaging probe system. UM, 2011
  38. Gyemin Lee.
    Machine learning for flow cytometry data analysis. UM, 2011
  39. Malakeh Musheinesh.
    Model-based image reconstruction for THz imaging systems. UM, 2011
  40. Saradwata Sarkar.
    Quantitative assessment of volume change in tumors using image registration. UM, 2011
  41. Christopher G Wahl.
    Imaging, detection, and identification algorithms for position-sensitive gamma-ray detectors. UM, 2011
  42. Weiyi Wang.
    Techniques and applications of Compton imaging for position-sensitive gamma-ray detectors. UM, 2011
  43. Faisal Al-Salem.
    Blind super-resolution from multiple undersampled images using sampling diversity. UM, 2010
  44. Benjamin Choong Lee.
    Conditioning of and algorithms for image reconstruction from irregular frequency samples. UM, 2010
  45. Yoon Chung Kim.
    Non-Cartesian parallel image reconstruction for functional MRI. UM, 2010
  46. Sumedha Prashant Sinha.
    Breast cancer detection on automated 3D ultrasound with co-localized 3D X-ray. UM, 2010
  47. Victoria Yee.
    Studies on the asymptotic behavior of parameters in optimal scalar quantization. UM, 2010
  48. Kiran Pandey.
    Mitigation of motion artifacts in functional MRI: A combined acquisition, reconstruction and post processing approach. UM, 2009
  49. Hui Zhang.
    Advances in modeling and inference of neuroimaging data. UM, 2008
  50. Jinzheng Peng.
    Polarimetric microwave radiometer calibration. UM, 2008
  51. Benjamin Raymond Kowash.
    A rotating modulation imager for the orphan source search problem. UM, 2008
  52. Arvind Rao.
    Prospective identification of long-range transcriptional enhancers via integrative genomics. UM, 2008
  53. Li Han.
    Statistical performance evaluation, system modeling, distributed computation and signal pattern matching for a Compton medical imaging system. UM, 2008
  54. William Allyn Grissom.
    RF pulse design for parallel excitation in MRI. UM, 2008
  55. Mojtaba Dehmollaian.
    Hybrid EM models for purpose of detection and identification of visually obscured targets. UM, 2007
  56. Raghuram Rangarajan.
    Resource constrained adaptive sensing. UM, 2007
  57. Magnus O Ulfarsson.
    Model based principal component analysis with application to functional magnetic resonance imaging. UM, 2007
  58. Doron Blatt.
    Adaptive sensing in uncertain environments: Maximum likelihood, sensor networks, and reinforcement learning. UM, 2006
  59. Siddarth Shah.
    Deconvolution algorithms for fluorescence and electron microscopy. UM, 2006
  60. Michael Ting.
    Signal processing for magnetic resonance field microscopy. UM, 2006
  61. \Jose Costa.
    Random graphs for structure discovery in high-dimensional data. UM, 2005
  62. Derek Dennis Steele.
    Three-dimensional, static displacement, stimulated echo, magnetic resonance elasticity imaging. UM, 2005
  63. Sang-June Park.
    A very high resolution small animal PET based on the Compton PET concept. UM, 2005
  64. Meng-fu Shih.
    Unicast internet tomography. UM, 2005
  65. Huzefa Firoz Neemuchwala.
    Entropic graphs for image registration. UM, 2005
  66. Christopher M Kreucher.
    An information-based approach to sensor resource allocation. UM, 2005
  67. Bowei Xi.
    Estimating internal link loss rates using active network tomography. UM, 2004
  68. Suman Chakravorty.
    Design and optimal control of multi-spacecraft interferometric imaging systems. UM, 2004
  69. Mark A Bartsch.
    Automated singer identification in polyphonic music. UM, 2004
  70. Yue Wang.
    Statistical methods for biomarkers. UM, 2003
  71. Yao Wang.
    Forward-viewing ring annular array in intravascular ultrasound imaging. UM, 2003
  72. Jose E Torres-Fernandez.
    Construction of signal-dependent Cohen's class time-frequency representations using iterative blind deconvolution. UM, 2003
  73. Kurt D Mills.
    Holographic time gate investigations and confocal techniques. UM, 2003
  74. Kevin M Holt.
    Methods and design algorithms for predictive quantization of signals and images. UM, 2003
  75. Marko Slyz.
    Lossless image compression using combinations of simple components. UM, 2002
  76. Gregory Charles Sharp.
    Automatic and stable multiview 3D surface registration. UM, 2002
  77. Jia Li.
    Three dimensional shape modeling: Segmentation, reconstruction, and registration. UM, 2002
  78. Thomas J Kragh.
    Tradeoffs and limitations in statistically based image reconstruction problems. UM, 2002
  79. Robert Manfred Nickel.
    Generalized scale transforms: theory and applications. UM, 2001
  80. Hyung Soo Kim.
    Adaptive target detection in radar imaging. UM, 2001
  81. Ali Ghalib.
    Laboratory and in-situ soil characterization by computer vision. UM, 2001
  82. Robinson Piramuthu.
    Robust fusion of MRI and ECT data, and acceleration of EM algorithm using proximal point approach. UM, 2000
  83. Stephen Lin.
    Photometric modeling of specular and diffuse appearance. UM, 2000
  84. Byung-Jae Kwak.
    Nonlinear system identification with an application to hydraulic actuator friction dynamics. UM, 2000
  85. Chia-ho Hua.
    Compton imaging system development and performance assessment. UM, 2000
  86. Jeremy A Salinger.
    The impact of computer architecture features on image processing application execution times: A case study using MPEG encoding on the IBM SP2. UM, 2000
  87. Jiyoung Park.
    Neutron scattering correction functions for neutron radiographic images. UM, 2000
  88. Hong Wan.
    Thermal dose optimization for ultrasound tissue ablation. UM, 1999
  89. Esam Ahmed Tashkandi.
    Accuracy of using spectral color transformation in the prediction of tooth colors. UM, 1999
  90. Andrew D Sterian.
    Model-based segmentation of time-frequency images for musical transcription. UM, 1999
  91. David Russell Hunter.
    Optimization transfer algorithms in statistics. UM, 1999
  92. John R Crowe.
    Ultrasonic arterial imaging with an interluminal catheter array. UM, 1999
  93. Peter Warren Moo.
    Asymptotic analysis of lattice-based quantization. UM, 1998
  94. Mark Alexander Lubinski.
    Speckle tracking techniques for ultrasound elasticity imaging. UM, 1998
  95. Sriram Krishnan.
    Adaptive and nonlinear ultrasound imaging. UM, 1998
  96. Chor-Yi Ng.
    Preliminary studies on the feasibility of addition of vertex view to conventional brain SPECT imaging. UM, 1997
  97. Rajashri Rajaram Joshi.
    Multiresolution fast algorithms for one-dimensional inverse scattering and linear least-squares estimation. UM, 1997
  98. Osama Sami Haddadin.
    Ultrasound inverse scattering for tomographic imaging and self-focusing arrays. UM, 1997
  99. Rowena Cristina Lazaro Guevara.
    Modal distribution analysis and sum of sinusoids synthesis of piano tones. UM, 1997
  100. Amy Elise Bell.
    1D and 2D phase retrieval by solving linear systems of equations and by using the wavelet transform. UM, 1997
  101. Yong Zhang.
    Improved SPECT radioactivity quantification using MRI side information. UM, 1996
  102. Ilan Sharfer.
    Recursive algorithms for digital communications using the discrete wavelet transform. UM, 1996
  103. Jordi Ribas-Corbera.
    Optimizing the motion vector accuracies in block-based video coding. UM, 1996
  104. Doo Yong Park.
    Tomographic reconstruction of air contaminant concentration maps using an open path Fourier transform infrared spectrometer. UM, 1996
  105. Mohammad Usman.
    Biased and unbiased Cramer-Rao bounds: computational issues and applications. UM, 1994

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