LaTeX Bibliographies

One of my pet peeves is how annoyingly slow search engines and journal article databases are. The amount of data needed to store the authors and titles and citation information for all the papers of primary interest to me is actually quite small, probably just a few megabytes. Rather than having to go to a web address somewhere, or telnet to a library search engine, or load a CDROM from a conference, I want to have the data sitting on my disk in a structured ASCII file that can be very rapidly searched using simple perl scripts. So that others can avoid replication of the work involved in forming such ASCII files, here are links to the files. Download and use at will. This information was largely extracted from

The .b files are the format that I use for my own annotated bibliographies. It is a very concise format, saving time over entering all the syntax of the BiBTeX format. The .bib files are in BiBTeX format. Presumably one could convert from either format into other formats of interest, such as (shudder) those required for PCs.

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