Joyce Y. Chai

Computer Science and Engineering
3632 Beyster
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Office phone: 1-734-764-3308
Email: chaijy AT

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My research interests are in the area of natural language processing, situated dialogue agents, human-robot communication, and artificial intelligence. I'm particuarly interested in language processing that is sensorimotor-grounded, pragmatically-rich, and cognitively-motivated. My recent work has focused on grounded language processing to facilitate situated communication with robots and other artificial agents. I'm a member of Michigan AI Lab and direct the Situated Langauge and Embodied Dialogue (SLED) research group . I am also affiliated with Michigan Robotics Institute.


 Selected papers in several topic areas. More information about our research and a full list of papers can be found at the SLED website.

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