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zmohamed at umich dot edu
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, CSE Division
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2260 Hayward Street Ann Arbor, MI, 48109
Office: 3861 Bob and Betty Beyster building,
Phone: 734-763-0313

I am appointed as a postdoc research fellow in electrical engineering and computer science department at the University of Michigan since January 2014. I am working in the Language and Information Technologies lab with Dr. Rada Mihalcea.

I received my B.S. and M.S. degrees in electronics and communication engineering in 2005 and 2008 from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in Egypt. In 2013, I received my Ph.D. in computer science and engineering form the University of North Texas.

My research interests include: multimodal deception detection, multimodal sensing of thermal discomfort, emotion and stress analysis, affective computing, machine learning, ensemble learning, video and image processing, face and action recognition, dimensionality reduction, natural language processing, and computational humor.