CS 598-4, Winter 2004: Advanced Topics in Computer Networks)

Reading list

(01/12 Mon) Internet routing characterization

(01/14 Wed, 1/21 Wed) Internet routing security

(1/26 Mon) Internet AS relationships

(1/28 Wed) Traffic engineering, traffic matrix estimation

(2/2 Mon) Internet availability and reliability

(2/4 Wed) Critical network infrastructure services

(2/11 Wed) Firewalls and DDoS attacks

(2/13 Fri) Network IDS and worms

  • [bro] Bro: A System for Detecting Network Intruders in Real-Time by Vern Paxson
  • [King03]Backtracking Intrusions by Sam King and Pete Chen
  • [Weaver03]A Taxonomy of Computer Worms by N. Weaver, V. Paxson, S. Staniford and R. Cunningham at WORM workshop
  • (2/16 Mon) No new readings, optional readings only

    (2/18 Wed) No new readings, optional readings only, please focus on your project proposal

    (3/1 Mon) Peer to peer networks and security

    (3/8 Mon) Anonymous networks

    (3/15 Mon) Storage in sensor networks

    (3/17 Wed) Sensor networks: networking experience

    (3/22 Mon) Sensor network security

    (3/24 Wed) Knowledge Plane

    (3/29 Mon) Anomaly detection and network tomography

    (3/31 Wed) Future directions in Internet architecture

    (4/05 Mon) Network measurements

    (4/12 Mon) Group communication security

    (4/14 Wed) Network Models

    (4/16 Fri: 1PM-2:30PM, Room 1018 Dow) Queue Management