Zhiyun Qian

Research Staff Member
Autonomic Management
NEC Research Labs, Princeton

Email (work): zhiyunq(at)nec-labs.com
Email (other): zhiyunq(at)umich.com
Phone: 734-730-9457

I have joined NEC Labs as a research staff member focusing on security research, most recently enterprise security.

I received my PhD in EECS department in University of Michigan, where I worked with my advisor Zhuoqing Morley Mao.
I obtained my Bachelor degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China major in Software Engineering.

Research interest:

My research spans cyber-security, mobile computing and network systems. Problems that interest me include,
but not limited to TCP/IP security,  
Android security, infrastructure security (e.g., cellular networks), security of
network middleboxes 
such as firewalls, and security applications of side-channel-enabled network/system
state inference.
 Recently I am working on big data security currently focusing on efficient and scalable storage
infrastructure for "security big data".



Interns/students (co-)advised/mentored:

Professional experience and awards:

It's been a wonderful experience to have interned in Microsoft Research Redmond (May 2010 - Aug 2010), Cisco Systems (May 2008 - Aug 2008), and Microsoft Advanced Technology Center (ATC) China (Nov 2006 - Apr 2007).

The fault injection tool for .NET environment which I was involved in developing during my internship is now publicly available. It is also widely used internally in Microsoft for product development.

Intel excellent individual award for participating in code coverage project by Asia-Pacific Research and Development Ltd. 2006.

Professional activities:

Program Committee, 2014 ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS)

Program Committee, 2014 Mobisys

Program Committee, 2014 AsiaCCS

Program Committee, 2013 Securecomm

Program Committee, 2013 Network & Distributed System Security (NDSS)

Program Committee, 2012 Internet of Things, Machine to Machine and Smart Services Applications (Workshop co-loated with CTS)


I enjoy hacking and reverse engineering. I have hacked binaries (of windows applications) to get rid of annoying advertisement pop-ups.

I like sports, mostly playing basketball and Pingpong.

Once dreamed to be a gaming pro, but too old to play now.