Kernel multiclass support vector machine solvers

Yutong Wang


In this previous post, we listed solvers for SVMs. The focus of this post is specialized to solvers for the Crammer-Singer and Weston-Watkins kernel SVMs.


Solves both

Relevant papers

Igel, Heidrich-Meisner, and Glasmachers (2008) is the paper that introduced the Shark package. (link to paper)

Dogan, Glasmachers, and Igel (2011) introduces S2DO. (link to paper)

Glasmachers and Dogan (2013) introduces ACF. link to paper

Doǧan, Glasmachers, and Igel (2016) performs empirical studies of several SVM variants link to paper

Guide to the code

The header file with the train functions is here

The CS-SVM uses the solveMcSimplex solver (see here).

The WW-SVM uses the solveMcBox solver. We discuss this solver in greater detail in the following subsection.

Shark’s WW-SVM solver

This subsection is a map to help you navigate Shark’s implementation of a WW-SVM solver.

  1. The train function calls the solveMcBox function.
  2. solveMcBox creates a QpSolver<QpMcBoxDecomp<PrecomputedMatrixType>> object solver.
  3. solveMcBox calls the solver.solve function
  4. solver.solve creates the SelectionStrategy object workingSet which wraps around the selectWorkingSet function.

The core of the solver.solve function is the decomposition loop:

  1. Calls workingSet which modifies i and j. Note that the actual function invoked is selectWorkingSet. The working set strategy is called sequential two-dimensional optimization (S2DO), whose theory is developed in the companion paper Fast Training of Multi-Class Support Vector Machines.
  2. Calls updateSMO which further calls the function detail::solveQuadratic2DBox


Solves both

software website | theory paper 1 | theory paper 2


Solves both

package paper (JMLR) | theory paper (publisher’s link) | theory paper (author’s link)


Solves CS-SVM



help page for the WW-SVM solver

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