A. Bio-Related Topics

Antenna Stents for Pressure and Flow Monitoring

Wireless Monitoring of Intraluminal Prostheses

Batch Mode Ultrasonic Micromaching of Ceramics and Application to Sensors and Actuators

High-Speed Biochemical Sensing Using Microdischarges

Virtual Microfluidic Components for Droplet Manipulation Using Marangoni Flows

Digital Microfluidics Using Marangoni Flows

Large-Scale Integration of Solid-State Microfluidic Pumps and Valves With No Moving Parts

Micromachined Joule-Thomson Cryosurgery Probe


B. Environmental Sensing Topics

High-Speed Chemical Sensing Using Microdischarges

Pulsed Microdischarges and Their Use in Chemical Sensing

A Micromachined Sputter Ion Pump and Harsh Environment Multiplasma Microsystem

The MicroGeiger: A Beta-Particle Radiation Detector

A Wireless Micromachined Radiation Sensor


C. Machining Technologies

Scaling and Process Challenges in Micro-EDM Technology

Ultrasonic Micro-Machining of Ceramics and Glass with Batch Mode Pattern Transfer


D. Miscellaneous

Knudsen Pump for On-Chip Vacuum

Gas Flow in Nano-Channels: Thermal Transpiration Models

An Actively Controlled Piezoelectric Microvalve for Distributed Cryogenic Cooling Systems

Ultracompliant Thermal Probe Arrays for High Throughput Thermal Imaging and Maskless Lithography

A Micromachined DC-to-DC Boost Converter for Powering High-Voltage Transducers