class Raymond_Fok : public Coder {}

I'm currently a sophomore studying computer science at the University of Michigan, and I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities and fun adventures. When I'm not stuck in my dorm doing linear algebra p-sets or writing code for research, you'd probably find me outside playing pickup Ultimate Frisbee, or at the lounge where the foosball and ping-pong tables live. Born and raised in the greatest city in the world, I'm a New York foodie at heart and food is truly life. So if you're looking to hire, I am available and will eagerly code for food.

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CromaLab - RoboCrowds

I am currently an undergrad researcher with the Crowd and Machines (CROMA) Lab at the University of Michigan. RoboCrowds v2 (analyzing varying template registration methods) is an extension of a previous project (EURECA) that seeks to use human interaction and crowd-sourced data to more quickly detect and annotate objects in a scene. My recent work has been coding in HTML and Javascript to build rapid webpage prototyping for ASAP user testing of the multiple template registration methods.

Michigan Mars Rover

This fall, I joined the M-Rover project team as perception lead on the software subteam. My main task for the upcoming build season is to address the autonomous terrain traversal challenge. Using the ZED stereoscopic camera, we grab real-time depth data to form a 3D point cloud of the environment. The data is then used to generate a 2D projection mapping of the scene, which is passed onto the algorithms subteam. We also incorporate ultrasonic sensors hooked up to an Arduino Mega to implement a bug algorithm for navigating around obstacles and detecting dropoffs.

Seattle Testbed

Seattle Testbed is an open-source, peer-to-peer platform designed for applications in networking and distributed systems research. In the summer of 2016, I worked with professors Justin Cappos and Albert Rafetsader at New York University to port and package Seattle Testbed for distribution on wireless routers running OpenWrt. I modified existing Linux deployment code to compensate for the routers' computational resources, and performed extensive unit testing to determine proper resource donation. Click here to check out my research poster for the project.



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