Software Distributions

Software Developed and Maintained by Todd Austin

While I am primarily a hardware person, I spend copious amounts of time hacking code, mostly for use in the design of computing systems.  This page lists the software packages I created (or helped to create).

SimpleScalar Tool Set
The SimpleScalar tools are a collection of compiler, assembler, linker and simulator tools for SimpleScalar PISA and other popular architectures. The tool set provides researchers and educators with an easily extensible, portable, high-performance test bed for computer system design or instruction. The SimpleScalar tool set is in use at more than 75 universities and research centers, and it has been the simulation infrastructure used in more than 125 systems courses and 6,500 refereed publications. In 2007, nearly 3 out of 10 papers published in top computer architecture conferences used the SimpleScalar tools to evaluate their designs. SimpleScalar code and documentation is available at

MiBench Embedded Benchmark Suite
MiBench is a free, commercially representative embedded benchmark suite created at the University of Michigan by Matthew Guthaus, Jeff Ringenberg, Todd Austin, Trevor Mudge, and Richard Brown.  MiBench code and documentation is available from

The Safe C Compiler
A C-to-C compiler which implements the extended pointer and array access semantics needed to provide efficient, reliable and immediate detection of memory access errors in unbridled C codes. Described in University of Wisconsin TR #1197.  The Safe C compiler is available for license from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

Pointer-Intensive Benchmark Suite
A collection of six non-trivial pointer-intensive programs. The programs are described in University of Wisconsin TR #1197. Distribution is available from:

Tetra Trace Analysis Tool
A multi-platform trace analysis tool for gauging parallelism in serial programs. Described and documented in University of Wisconsin TR #1163. Distribution is available from: