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Linux on a Dell Inspiron 3700/7000/7500

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Setting Up Linux To Coexist With Windows98/NT

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Accessing the Linux filesystem from Windows98/NT

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Computers This Page Applies To

Here is an incomplete list of computers that the information on this site has been known to apply. If you were able to use the solutions on this site to get Linux running properly and your computer is not yet listed below, please drop me an email with the brand and model of your computer, along with any other notes you wish to include.

  • Ascentia M6233T. Olivier Gipouloux <>
  • Asus F7400. Eivind Trondsen <>
  • ChemBook 7000C/7000P. "The only caveat with the Chembooks is they have a strange BIOS - SystemSoft is the vendor. This thing requires that a DOS partition exist on the hard disk before it will go to the MBR. With a dual boot system this is no problem, but if you are like me and have no intention of using 'Doze, it can throw you for a loop. Just make a DOS partition of any size and mark it active and you should be able to boot using LILO just fine." Eric Larson <>
  • Compaq Armada M700. John Cagle <>
  • Compaq Presario 1685. W. Mae Watunyuta <>
  • Dell Inspiron 3700, 7000, 7500 laptops. Note: the mach64 server does not seem to work on some of the new 7500 series laptops yet.
  • Dell Latitude CPx
  • Gateway Solo 9150XL. Also see Antony Rix <>, Ben Bolker <>
  • Gateway Solo 9300. Also see this page. Steven T. Smith <>
  • HB850AGP (Dell Clone). Glenn Burns <>
  • Kapok Laptop (PII300, Rage Pro LT 4MB). Harald Fielker <>
  • MiTac MiNote 6020 (8MB video, 14.1", 1024x768). Anders Peterson <>, Dusan Peterc <>
  • Quantex 1401. Also see Sasha's Pages: Tech: Linux on Quantex. Alex Vorobiev <>
  • Samsung GT6000. Ade Williams <>
  • Sony VAIO Slimtop LCD. Shailesh Patwardhan <>
  • Topline Saxum 8004, 13.3" TFT. Eric Woerdeman <>

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