Steven R. Sostrom
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A responsible position working with computers and electronics for a progressive company offering a challenging atmosphere and opportunity for advancement.


Thirty years experience in repair, maintenance, calibration, and improvement of a wide variety of instrumentation, analog, digital, and microprocessor based electronic systems.


University of Michigan, a one-semester course on semiconductor manufacturing, covering all phases of processing; Hazmat training at the technician level.

Thermco Systems, one week course on repair and maintenance of Thermco TMX 9000 semiconductor furnace systems.

Geosource Training center, hardware course on board level repair of a seismic data processing computer system.

Texas Instruments Learning center, courses in computer maintenance and programming, op-amps and digital electronics.

Denver Institute of Technology, courses in electronic fundamentals, solid state electronics, video systems, color television, computer automation, technical communication skills, physics, mathematics, drafting, and 2nd class radio-telephone preparation.

Worland Senior High School, Worland, Wyoming. Graduated 1972


July 2005 to present; Engineer In Research Intermediate, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
Repair, maintenance, modification and installation of computers, networks, software, electronic consulting, security systems, life safety systems, probe stations, wire bonders and dicing saws for the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility.

November 1987 to July 2005; Senior Computer System Specialist, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
Repair, maintenance, modification and installation of computers, networks, software, security systems, gas detection systems, probe stations and electronic consulting for the Solid-State Electronics Lab. Wrote software to log data from a security system and generate daily and monthly reports. Received an "Excellence in Staff Service Award" as a member of the Emergency Response Team..

June 1987 to July 1987; Electrician, Crown Cork and Seal, Atlanta, GA.
Maintenance and installation of factory equipment making aluminum cans.

August 1986 to February 1987; Head Technician, Photon, Houston, TX.
Repair, maintenance, technician scheduling, ordering of parts for an advanced game using computerized suits that communicate with IBM PC computers using infrared and radio communications.

August 1984 to February 1986; Instrument Technician, Geosource Marine, Houston, TX.
Operation, repair, maintenance, calibration and installation of all seismic instruments, and some of the boat's equipment, troubleshooting to the component level. Gave personalized classes and wrote procedures on operation.

November 1975 to October 1983; Equipment Engineering Technician, Texas Instruments, Houston, TX.
Repair, maintenance, calibration, modification, software and installation of advanced integrated circuit fabrication, packaging, and testing equipment, troubleshooting to the component level. Wrote test procedures and instructed other technicians on microprocessor theory. Familiar with Texas Instruments 990 computer systems, machine language and basic.

October 1973 to October 1975; Ampex, Colorado Springs, CO.
Test and repair of electronic assemblies for professional audio and video tape recorders, troubleshooting to the component level.


Amateur Radio Advanced license, Perkin-Elmer model 3210 32 bit mini mainframe computer (module level maintenance), STC 6250 9-track Tape Drive, Floating Point Systems 38 bit Floating Point Processor, Fujitsu 475 MB Disc Drive, AMF Logic Sciences, inc. HSR 11B. HAZWOPER emergency response certification.

References available upon request.