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Airline 14BR-522A
Airline 14BR-522A, 1941
Made by Belmont. Radios similar to this seem to have been made for several years. This one is among the earlier years. Tuning is accomplished be moving a core in and out of a coil instead of the usual variable condenser. It looks like someone painted the outlines on this radio with nail polish. Same case as 74BR-1502B. Tubes: 12SA7, 12SK7, 12SQ7, 50L6, 35Z5

Beitman Most Often Needed Radio Diagrams
Brand Model Volume Page Pub year
Montgomery Ward 14BR-522A 5 (1942) 70 1942
Montgomery Ward 14BR522A 5 (1942) 70 1942

Rider Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manuals
Brand Model Volume Page Pub year
Montgomery-Ward & Co. (Airline) 14BR522A 13 13 1941
Montgomery-Ward & Co. (Airline) 14BR522A 13 44 1941
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