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Dahlberg 4130-D1, 1955
Dahlberg 4130-D1, 1955
"Pillow Speaker Radio", Pale green. The cabinet design patent application was filed in 1951 and patented in 1952, so it is not certain when this radio was made. A version with a clock in place of the coin mechanism was also made. Tubes: 12BA6, 12BE6, 12BA6, 12AV6, 50C5, 35W4. Newer versions had 12BA6, 12BE6, 12BA6, 12AV6, 12AU6, 35C5 and a solid-state rectifier. Pink and white cabinets were also available. If you have more information about this radio, please contact me.

Dahlberg 4130-D1, 1955
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Dahlberg 4130-D1, 1955
Dahlberg 4130-D1, 1955 Dahlberg 4130-D1, 1955
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