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RCA 96X14, 1939
RCA 96X-14, 1939
Ivory painted bakelite with cream plastic dial insert. Designed by John Vassos. Tubes: 6K8, 6SK7, 6SQ7, 25L6, 25Z6G, BK-49B ballast. Chassis RC-400A. Standard broadcast 540-1720 Kc, shortwave 5,800 to 18,000 Kc.

96X series model comparison:
Without Push-Button Tuning With Push-Button Tuning
Model Color Model Color
96X-1 Walnut Finish   96X-11 Walnut Finish
96X-2 Black Finish   96X-12 Black Finish
96X-3 Walnut and Ivory Finish   96X-13 Walnut and Ivory Finish
96X-4 Ivory Finish   96X-14 Ivory Finish

RCA 96X14, 1939 3D
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RCA 96X14, 1939
RCA 96X14, 1939

Beitman Most Often Needed Radio Diagrams
Brand Model Volume Page Pub year
RCA 96X-14 2 (1939) 133 1939
RCA 96X14 2 (1939) 133 1939

Rider Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manuals
Brand Model Volume Page Pub year
R.C.A. Victor Co. Inc. (RCA) 96X14 10 86 1939
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