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Zenith K412-R
Zenith K412-R, 1953
Maroon Bakelite. Tubes: 1R5 Convertor, 1U4 IF Amp, 1U5 Detector/AVC/AF Amp, 3V4 Audio Output, with a Selenium Rectifier for AC operation. Chassis 4K01. The antenna is a Ferrite core in the handle.
Tuning Range 540 - 1600 KC
IF 455 KC
Power Supply 110-120 Volts AC/DC

The colors of the 4 models are:

K412-W White painted
K412-R Maroon Bakelite
K412-Y Black Bakelite
K412-G "Dawn Grey" painted
Zenith K412-R

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Brand Model Set Notes Pub year Inventory
ZENITH K412R 195-13   1953 Check Stock
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