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Hallicrafters S-38
Hallicrafters S-38, 1946
First S-38 model, with smooth finish. Designed by Raymond Loewy. 4 bands : .54-1.65 MHz, 1.65-5 MHz, 5-14.5 MHz and 13.5-32 MHz. With BFO and ANL. The original price was $47.50.

Tube Type Function
V1 12SA7GT Converter
V2 12SK7GT IF amplifier
V3 12SQ7GT Detector/AVC/AF
V5 35L6GT Audio output
V6 35Z5GT Rectifier

Sams Photofact
Brand Model Set Notes Pub year Inventory
HALLICRAFTERS S38 3-7   1946 Check Stock
HALLICRAFTERS S38B 121-7   1951 Check Stock
HALLICRAFTERS S38C 190-4 (Run 2) 1953 Check Stock
HALLICRAFTERS S38E 605 (See Servicer) 1962 Check Stock

Beitman Most Often Needed Radio Diagrams
Brand Model Volume Page Pub year
Hallicrafters S-38 8 (1948) 65 1948
Hallicrafters S38 8 (1948) 65 1948

Rider Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manuals
Brand Model Volume Page Pub year
Hallicrafters Co. S38 15 59 1946
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