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Air-King Perfect A.C. Shortwave Converter
Air-King Perfect A.C., c. 1931
Short Wave Adapter, uses 1 tube and plug-in coils. If you know anything about this, please contact me.

To use the Short Wave Adapter, remove the detector tube from a 1920s or 1930s AC powered broadcast receiver, insert the plug from the adapter into the receiver's detector tube socket and insert the detector tube from the broadcast receiver into the Short Wave Adapter's tube socket.

Connect a long wire wire antenna and ground to the ANT. and GND. terminals on the Short Wave Adapter. Tune for shortwave stations using the selector control on the adapter. Use the auxiliary control to adjust regeneration.

Additional plug in coils were available to tune different bands.

The only thing used in the broadcast receiver is the power supply and the audio amplification stages. The Short Wave Adapter becomes the tuner.

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