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Philco PT-61
Philco PT-61, 1940
Sometimes called the "Pagoda". From a Philco ad, The "Jewel Case" exquisitely beautiful as a costly gem! Charming cabinet in colorful Aspen, Birch and Birdseye Maple. It has been completely restored. Click here to see it "as found".

Philco PT-61 3D
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Philco PT-61

Beitman Most Often Needed Radio Diagrams
Brand Model Volume Page Pub year
Philco PT-61 3 (1940) 73 1940
Philco PT61 3 (1940) 73 1940

Rider Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manuals
Brand Model Volume Page Pub year
Philco Radio & Television Corp. PT61 12 5 1941
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