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Listing of service manuals, schematics and owner manuals.

The cost for a copy of a manual is $7.00 each, up to a 4 page set, $1.00 per page thereafter. They can be delivered electronically or by mail. Postage charges will apply. Larger manuals can cost significantly more. Please inquire via email about the document that you are interested in. I may have access to items not listed. Some items will have to be scanned and processed. These will take a few days.

Rider manuals

Volumes 1 to 23

Beitman Most-Often-Needed 1940 Radio Diagrams

Volumes 1 to 27

Crosley Service Manuals

Incomplete set of Volumes. Please inquire.

Zenith Service Manuals

Volumes 1-3 (fair quality)

Canadian RCC schematics



Airline 84WG-2714A Radio and V-28A139 Record Changer Owner's Guide and Service manuals
APF TV Fun Model 401 Owner's manual
Bell Sound 3030 Installation & Operation Manual
B&K 415 Instruction Manual, Schematic and Parts List
Carver M400 Owner's Manual
Carver M400 Service Bulletins
Carver M400 Schematics
Carver M400 Service Manual
Channel Master 6506 Specifications and Schematic Diagrams
Channel Master 6516 Owner's Manual
Continental 1600 Tube Layout
Danube G-607 schematic
Instructions for Operating The Crosley 51 Radio Receiver (formatted different from the original, medium quality)
DBX 117/119 Instruction Manual with Schematic
Dokorder 1120 Service Manual
Eagle TR-8S Transistor Radio Schematic
EICO CRA TV Picture Tube Test Adapter Instructions and Chart
Eico 368 Operation and service Manual
EICO 369 Operation and service Manual
Eico 460 Instruction Manual and schematic
EICO 667 Tube Chart with special indexed PDF to find your tube quickly.
Excel T-210 schematic
Fada 1000 Series Operating Instructions
General Electric GE-54 Dial scan
General Electric 202 dial scan front and back
General Electric 675-676 service manual
General Electric C-1450A, C-1451A, C-1452A User's Manual
General Electric H-620U dial front and back
Global GR-711 Schematic
Guild 818 Bonnet Box Operating Instructions with schematic
Guild 556 The Country Belle schematic
Guild 380T The Town Crier schematic and service info
Guild The Buccaneer Chest 638B-A tube layout
Hallicrafters S-107 Service Manual
Heathkit TC-3 manual
Heathkit TC-3 Roll Chart
Heathkit TC-3 supplemental Tube Data
Heritage 604 manual
Hitachi TH-666 Owner's Manual
Icom IC-255A Instruction Manual
Icom IC-255A P. C. Board Layout
Icom IC-255A Schematic Diagram
Kenwood KR-V87R/KR-V77R Instruction Manual
Kenwood TS-700A Operating Manual
Kenwood VFO-700S Operating Manual
Motorola 6x28 series service manual
Motorola 45P series Operating Instructions
Nobility Little-John-Radio (toilet) Instruction Manual
Panasonic R-70 Panapet Operating Instructions
Perine Duplex manual For Installing and Operating
Philco 89 Instructions
Planat Air Chadwick 76404 Operating Instructions
Porto Baradio PB-520 Owners manual
RCA 65X2 Paper Label on bottom of set
RCA BT502 Model and battery connection label (part of warning missing)
Realtone TR-1843 Instructions for Use
Ross Par-72 Instruction Manual
Ross RE-103 Sunglass Radio Instruction Manual
Ross RE-815 schematic
S. B. Mfg. Co. model 200 Western Union Standard Radio-Telegraph Signal Set Instruction Sheet and Operator's Manual, Western Union Form
Sinclair 6001 6 Transistor Radio Owner's Manual, Schematic
Silvertone 214 Owner's Manual including schematic
Silvertone 1727 Schematic and Chassis Layout
Silvertone Model D (Catalog Model XIV) Instruction Manual
Sonora B-22 tube chart
Valiant HT-1200 schematic (poor quality)
Waters Manufacturing Q-Multiplier/Notch Filter Model 337-75S-1 for Collins 75S-1
Weltron 2001 Instruction Manual with schematic
Weston 697 Type 1 instructions
Yaesu-FT-101 Owner's Manual
Zenith 7G605 Clipper Operating Instructions
Zenith 9S-204, 9S-232, 9S-242, 9S-244, 9S-262, 9S-263, 9S-264 Operating Instructions
Zenith Royal 500H Sales Tag
Zenith Royal 3000 Sales Brochure
Zenith Royal 3000-1 Chassis 12KT40Z8 Service Manual
Zenith Y723 Chassis layout
Zenith Zenette 4G800 Operating Guide
Zephyr ZR-930 schematic

...still adding items...
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