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Have an old radio that needs repair? Email me. Not sure what's wrong? Ship it to me and I'll determine what's wrong. I've been fixing radios for over 30 years off and on.

I charge $25.00/hr. for repairs (parts not included). The owner incurs all shipping charges.

I charge a minimum of 1 hour for estimates. Written quotes upon request. Additional problems may appear during repair resulting in higher repair costs. Repair time depends on the severity of the problem and parts availability generally 2 weeks. Some repairs such as the replacement of crumbling wires will take longer.

How much work I do is up to you. I can repair it enough to get it playing well and I can replace working components that are likely to fail.

I do not refinish wood radios, but I can clean and polish plastic radios. Sorry, I do not repair record players.

I'm waiting to hear from you.

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