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Radio information

Radio catalogue: more than 50'000 radios with   20'000 pictures and 22'000 schematics plus radio   forum. Firestone Air Chief radio information
Antiques Boedo Radios Spanish language radio site in Argentina. Here it is in English translated by Google Translate.
BAMA The BoatAnchor Manual Archive
Bill's Antique Radio Emporium
Bob's Vitrual Transistor Museum & History Web Site
Bookmarks for Sylvain a big list.
Duncan Amps Tube Data Sheet Locator
Electronic Vacuum Tube Reference Manual & Specifications - KBá
Elements of Mass Communication - A Free Interactive Course Radio and Television History
Frank's Electron tube Pages Data sheets
la5ki hallicrafters gallery Photos and information about Hallicrafters.
Nostalgia Air Vintage Radio References
OPCOMs 1943 and 1949 Sylvania Tube Manual
OPCOMs 1959 Sylvania Tube Manual!
Radio Design Page A tribute to industrial design
Radiola Guy Antique radios resources
Radio Trade Name Directory Cross-references a radio set's trade name to the manufacturer.
Radio Value Guide
Scott's A.B.P.R. Archives An archive of pictures, schematics and other files.
Sylvania, Mallory-Yaxley, G. Larsen's Locator, Sams Red Book Free radio look-up information provided by Grillecloth Headquarters
Techpreservation-Home of Vintage Radio Information
The Official Homepage of Detrola Radios
The Philco Repair Bench Resources for the Philco radio collector and restorer.
TransOceanic Resource Library
Worldwide Vintage Wireless Database Gallery and other information. Enable popups
Xtal Set Society
Zenith Chassis Information

Radio Galleries

Antique Radio Page Directory One of the most complete
Antique Radio Pictures 1000+ Antique Radio Pictures
Classic Radio Gallery!
Deco Radios
Hammond Museum of Radio Home Page
Land Of Vintage Tube Radios
Midwest Radio Museum A private collection of Midwest and Miraco radios
Military Communications and Electronics Museum - Foyer
Museum Finder - List of museums Technical- and Radio Museums internet site devoted to the preservation of plastic tube radios...
Radio Attic's Archives One of the most complete
Radio Museum Rottenburg
Radios Brasileiros
Son's & Father's Hobbies Excellent Silvertone gallery
The American Museum of Radio
The Farmer's Old Radio Notebook Speakers and Radios
TRANSISTOR RADIOS / Michael Jack Also on squirl
Western Historic Radio Museum

Sources of Equipment and parts

Adams Manufacturing Company
Low Power Radio and Broadcast Company
Mark Oppat's Old Radio Parts Vintage and reproduction electronic items
Renovated Radios Radios and Parts
Variac | Variable autotransformers, Circuit Specialists stocks variacs for all your tube gear restoration projects.

Radio History

Appliances That Changed The Home Forever Suggested by Abby
Arvin History Mostly about the automotive business
Arvin Industries History
catalin corner by Ed Lyon of MAARC
Crosley Corporation History
Crosley Radio - A History
Guglielmo Marconi
History and Old-Time Radio
History of American Broadcasting
History of Michigan AM Broadcasting
History of Plaskon
History of the All American Five AM tube radio
History of WJR Detroit from Wikipedia
International Radio Corp. The story
Kadette Marketing Error
KDKA History from Wikipedia It All Started in Pittsburgh...
On the Air! Michigan Radio and TV Broadcasting 1920-2000
RCA history from the RCA Television site
RCA History
Silvertone: 1915-1972 From Sears Archives
Sparton Corporation history
The History of New York City Radio and Broadcasting
The RCA Story
United States Early Radio History
WSM in Nashville, TN History
WWJ-The Detroit News (extracts) 1922 History of WWJ in Detroit
Zenith Heritage


Bakelite Telephones at Abdy Antiques
Cyber Telephone Museum
OLD TELEPHONES As Entertainment! Lots of information
Pauls Telephone Pages Featuring early L.M. Ericsson telephones.
Post & Tele-Museum Click on English, please
STSF, Swedish Telephone History Society
Telemuseum Stockholm Click on English
The Dutch Online Telephone Museum

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