28th Soar Workshop
May 4-7, 2008, Ann Arbor, MI
Workshop 28



Brian Magerko

Approaching the Cognitive Modeling of Improvisational Acting

Glenn Taylor

A Toolkit for Modeling Dynamic Power Structures

Glenn Taylor

Cultural Cognitive Architecture (Update)

Lisa Holt

Intelligent Modeling for Pedagogically-Aware Cultural Training

Olivier Georgen

Can Activity Trace Databases Become Cognitive Models?

Sam Wintermute

The SVS Spatial/Visual Reasoning System

Scott Lathrop

Reasoning with Visual Depictive Representations

Sam Wintermute

Spatial Reasoning with Motion

Deryle Lonsdale

LG-Soar and (X)NL-Soar Revisited

Geoff Morgan

TEAL: Macro Learning for Robotic Command and Control

Greg Trafton

Embodied Cognition and Human-Robot Interaction

Paul Benjamin

ADAPT: A Cognitive Architecture for Robots

Alan Vayda

Human-Robot Collaboration for Remote Surveillance

Andy Dallas

Ground Robotics Consortium

Jon Voigt

Robotics Simulation Environments and Soar

Nate Derbinsky

Soar-RL: A Year of “Learning”

Wilbert Grevers

Soar-RL and Agent-Based Computational Economics

Joseph Xu

Chunking with Reinforcement Learning

Nicholas Gorski

Learning to Control Internal Memory

Bob Marinier

Emotion-Driven Learning in a Complex Environment

Yongjia Wang

Concept Learning for Semantic Memory

Nate Derbinsky

Episodic Memory and Databases: A Year to “Remember”

Joseph Xu

Transfer Learning Revisited

Frank Ritter

Update on Herbal and Applications

Keith Knudsen

Soar IDE Update

Randy Jones

Improving HBM Affordability: A High-Level Language for Cog. Arch.

Bob Wray

Perception for Realistic Cognition in Virtual Environments (PRCVE)

Bill Kennedy

Mental Simulation for a Robot Teammate

Jon Voigt

Soar 2D

Nate Derbinsky

SoarSim: An Experimentation Framework

Glenn Taylor

Low Fidelity Tactical Simulation Environment: simJr

Dave Ray

Soar Integration Lessons Learned

Randy Jones

Cost-Effective Conversion of Large Soar 7 Systems to Soar 8

Bob Marinier

Useful Things to Know About Soar and the Java Debugger

Jim Rosbe

SoarTech Update

John Laird

Cognitive Architecture: Past, Present, and Future

John Laird

Soar Releases