SOAR 2000 Proceedings

Table of Contents

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Entertainment Tonight
Johnathan Gratch Soar Goes Hollywood
Jeff Rickel ICT Mission Rehearsal
John Laird Lessons Learned from the Computer Game Industry
Mike van Lent Report from AAAI Spring Symposium on AI & Interactive Entertainment
Natural Language
Deryle Lonsdale Integrating Wordnet with NL-Soar
Anton Rytting Using Worldnet to Build Semantic Representation
Barry Brian Werger
Young Jun Kim
Integrating Soar with Physical Robots & Behavior-Based Control
Cognitive Modeling & Believability
Mazin Assaine Integrating Direction in Soar Believable Synthetic Characters
Brian Magerko An Introduction to a Grad Student
Jonathan Gratch Modeling Bad TV Actors in Soar
John Laird Anticipation in the Soar Quakebot
John Laird The Humanity of the Soar Quakebot
Soar Development
Karen Coulter Soar Update
Mazin Assanie New Debugging Tools in TSI 3.0
Glenn Taylor SDB: A Soar Debugger
Mazin Assanie The Soar Blank Environment: A Skeletal System for Building Tcl-based Soar Environments
Mike van Lent Application Interface Development
Bradley Jones Visual Soar
Soar Community
Jim Rosbe Life in the "Real World"
Tony Kalus The Soar FAQ & DERA Report
Sensing & Interpretation
Frank Ritter SOAR/TcL-PM: Including a Widely Applicable Eye & Hand in Soar
Ernst Bovenkamp Vision-Soar: Multi-Agent Image Interpretation of Medical Images
Wayne Zhang
Randy Hill
A Template-Based & Pattern-Driven Approach to Situtaion Awareness & Assessment
Randy Jones Interactive Visualization of Situational Awareness
Machine Learning
Mike van Lent Learning Task Performance Knowledge by Observation
Soar Architecture
Ronald Chong Using Working Memory in Decay in an EPIC-Soar Model of En Route Air Traffic Controller Behavior
Ronald Chong Forgetting in Soar: An Architectural Implementation of Working Memory Decay
Scott Wallace Soar Lite: Designed for Speed
Scott Wallace AI Architecture: Evaluation & the Soar Lite Project
Sayan Bhattacharyya Comparing Soar & UM-PRS at the Symbol and Knowledge Levels
Randy Jones TacAir-Soar at Sea: Deployment in BFTT
David Pynadath
Milind Tambe
Electronic Elves
Hyuckchul Jung Collaborative Negotiation Through Argumentation