Welcome to the Online Proceedings for the
19th North American Soar Workshop
May 20-23, 1999
Ann Arbor, MI

This site contains the schedule and most of the presentations from the 19th North American Soar Workshop, hosted by the  Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of The University of Michigan .

The presentations are all in PDF format; to view them you should have the Adobe Acrobat viewer, which you can download free for any platform. The most convenient way to view most of the presentations is with the Acrobat plug-in for your browser, so that you can view the slides directly in this frame. The Acrobat download includes both the stand-alone viewer and the plug-in, and is available here:

Sometimes the Acrobat plug-in cannot view something that the stand-alone reader can. If you have problems viewing a presentation, you might try switching to the stand-alone reader.

If there are corrections or additions (e.g., missing links) that should be made to the site, please send mail to
soar-requests@umich.edu. Thanks go to Rick Lewis for setting up the OnLine Proceedings for the 17th Soar Workshop and allowing me to steal his html source for use here.

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