Visual Soar

What is Visual Soar?

Visual Soar is a development environment written in Java to aid in the creation of agents for use in Soar.

What's New in Visual Soar 4.0?


In order to run Visual Soar 4.0 you will need the Standard Java 2 Runtime Environment version 1.4.0.

The runtime environments are available at the following for:

Below are archives containing the actual program:

Here is an archive of the source:


After installing the Java Runtime Environment and extracting the files from the archive, Visual Soar can be run by typing

java -jar VisualSoar.jar

at the MS-DOS prompt or terminal (in the same directory as VisualSoar.jar and assuming, of course that you have the java executable in your path). Alternatively, if you choose to associate "*.jar" files with the "java -jar" action, VisualSoar can be run by double-clicking the VisualSoar.jar file.


If you are planning on working with the Visual Soar source code, the following documentation has been provided to assist in learning the Visual Soar code.


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Last Updated: June 27, 2002