NEW GIEU COURSE headed to India!

Winter 2014 Course taught by Prof. Jasprit Singh will lead students towards the path of greater understanding of how the concept of volunteerism, when taken to the highest level, can create ‘miraculous’ events on a daily basis. The model of the Community Kitchen at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, will be studied. Students will learn the steps of creating a meal for 50,000 people, beginning with learning to cook a meal for a dozen. Then working up to 200 at a local Detroit area Gurdwara, culminating in a summer trip to India to observe and participate in the action. Upon return from India, students will feed 1,000 people on campus. No kidding!

Intro to the Sustainable Good Life & Technology

Technology is driven by many motivations: Knowledge, war, disease, desire to control, etc. This series of lectures examine technology’s role in enhancing a good life that is sustainable for all people of the planet. Watch all of them here.

Professor Jasprit is committed to sharing his theories of creating and maintaining a Sustainable Good Life. He brings RussaYog® with him everywhere he goes…even to the Great Wall of China!