Image Processing EECS 556 - Winter 2010

Instructor: Prof. Silvio Savarese
Office hours: by appointment

Classroom: 1017 DOW
Time: T Th 1:30pm-3:00pm




  • April 13: Final project reports are due on Apr 28 Midnight
  • April 13: Final presentations schedule is out - visit the schedule page for details.
  • March 20: HW5 is out (see below)
  • March 11: Project progress reports are due on March 25 (Thursday) midnight - visit this page for format information.
  • March 6: HW4 is out (see below)
  • Feb 23: midterm exam is out (see below)
  • Feb 13: HW3 is out (see below)
  • Feb 03: HW2 is out (see below).
  • Jan 27: HW1 is out (see below).
  • Project proposal reports are due on Feb 3rd midnight - visit this page for format information.
  • Jan 7th: no class - the course will start on January 12th (Tuesday) at 1:30pm

Homeworks & Midterm

  • HW5. Due on April 7, by 7PM
  • HW4. Due on March. 20, by 7PM
  • Midterm exam. Due on Feb. 25, by 7:30PM
  • HW3. Due on Feb. 22, by 7PM
  • HW2. Due on Feb. 12, by 7PM
  • HW1. Due on Feb. 2, by 1:30PM

Project proposals

  • A list of project proposals can be found here


- Matlab introduction By Prof Jeff Fessler link

- Matlab tutorials by:
- Hany Farid and Eero Simoncelli Link
- David Griffiths Link

Matlab functions