A Poem

With notes still to scribe and projects still to do,
             I sit here and wonder,

how will my supposition collapse when measured?

Best intentions were strong when I started this course.
             but predictably, time came short when complexity came to play

I found myself factoring large numbers,
             with my quantum gates still undeveloped
             and classical gates far overloaded.

But no matter...
             a semester does not bookend one's education

Fun was had.
             Utter confusion has a strange way of stretching the mind.

And, refreshingly, it is nice to know...
             there are still teachers whose ears are deaf to whining students

by Benjamin Bryant

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Slowing Qubits Down

One day I had the physical realization
That quantum bits were not very patient
They shoot through space
Parallel or in place
Unless you apply on them phase estimation.

Confessions of a Qubit

There once was a qubit who said "Damn!
It appears my whole life's a sham,
My outward depiction
Is only the fiction
Of me or my superposition."

Marital Problems

Quantum cryptography always involves
Alice and Bob's problems to solve
Were they not so dysfunctional
Perhaps we'd not be so punctual
In finding crypto protocols so convolved.

Suspicious Physicists

Quantum information theory
Also involves much entropy
Like every other subject
We can always project
That the physicists will always be leery!

by Alina Chu

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Qubits set and states entangled

Double double toil and trouble
Qubits set and states entangled.

Begin with Turing oh so dear
Then on to qubits (never fear!)
For, half zero and half one
Their power increases by the ton.
Complex spaces, those of Hilbert,
Where unitaries to do the work.
With superpositions of the states
We solve strange problems with these gates
Deutch's, Grover's, and Simon's too,
With Shor's, even crypto's easy to undo!
Now in the partial traces throw,
When pure states we don't know.
POVM's used on density matrices,
Trace distances and fidelities,
Let Alice and Bob to chat
With text Eve can't get at
Or help some fighting spouses
Flip a coin to see who gets the houses!

Double Double toil and trouble
Qubits set and states entagled
We see it in a course numbered 5-9-8
Then the quantum is learned so great.


by Scott Diehl
With inspiration from The Bard himself, William Shakespeare

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quantum haiku

Nielsen and Chuang book
Easier to decipher
Kitaev book "awful"

One bit of data
It's neither zero nor one
But both, a qubit

Hilbert space quantum
Closed system transformation
Is unitary

Is P in NP?
Quantum algorithms are
Mostly BQP

CNOT, Hadamard
Phase, also Toffoli gates
Are universal

Factoring is just
Order-finding. Can use
Phase estimation

Grover quantum search
Makes use of an oracle
Sounds like black magic

How can you build a
Quantum computer? Need some
Trapped, floating ions

Can be dealt with easily--
Error correction

EECS 598 (five ninety eight)
Abstract, brain-scorching, bizarre
Enlightening, though

by Chris Drake

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There once was a Lady named Alice
Whose ex-Husband Bob, full of Malice
     Decided to cheat
     A coin toss to beat
For to get all the stuff from their Palace

Along came some clever young Students
Who said, "Don't put up with such Impudence!
     We'll show you a Way
     To be sure 'nough to say,
'You'll not cheat! Not in this instance!' "

But those students, they should have known
What a difficult seed they had sown
     How they tried and they tried
     But their brains just got fried
And in the end no answer was shown.

by Thomas Rough Dunlap.

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Quantum Poems

The Alice-Bob marriage hangs in wait,
Upon an entangled qubit's state,
The strategies are clear
and yet both sides fear
For no protocol can challenge fate!

These vertical hieroglyphics,
Encode a myriad of specifics,
A big picture lays.
just under the page
another piece of the universal matrix.

The happiest composite system
Contains qubits living in tandem,
while no one hears
an intruder nears
And rudely measures what was random.

A group of physicist perform a hoax
about a cat half-alive half-dead in a box
The equations so well worked out
And observations to tout
Only mathematicians fall for such jokes!

by Smita Krishnaswamy

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There was always an uncertainty about the oracle,
I kept wondering how it did the miracle.

Sometimes I used to sit and stare,
amused by the nonseparability of the EPR pair.

Quantum information is not easy to duplicate,
no machine can clone a quantum state.

to the classical world, it never occurred,
the result is the same if the measurement is deferred.

mythical, it appears, is the teleportation,
Great is the world of quantum computation.

by Namit Kumar

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The Quantum Leap

Massive was the ensemble collected by a superstition,
Enlightened, a big subgroup became hidden and soon decohered.
The dimension of the remaining superposition,
Can't physically be perfectly measured.

The hairs entangled, the eyebrows taking transpose,
Confusion was purified, spanning the whole space.
The arms extended linearly, the mouths grew like big O's,
Confidence was teleported, leaving no partial trace.

One Schröedinger's cat is dead with a half probability,
That none of them survives is a tiny epsilon.
How did the reality near this rarity,
An awful experiment by Maxwell's Daemon!

But paradoxical is the physics as it is deep,
Evolving in our minds is the quantum leap!

by Yaoyun Shi
With inspirations from The Big-O's (aka The Schroedinger Cats, or The Maxwell Demons).

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The Quantum World

Why are quantum computers so powerful,
it is a confusing mystery.
The difference it is with classical
is that it includes uncertainty.

You start with a superposition,
then transform it with some unitary.
Measuring will give a solution,
correct with high probability.

But now, why use randomness,
that's always hard to predict.
Because a deterministic world is tedious,
as nature is always chaotic.

This quantum world so sophisticated, so divine,
but yet so simple compared to the human mind!

By Dungjade Shiowattana

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