Selected Oral Conference Presentations

1. 2018 Information Theory and Applications Workshop, San Diego, (USA).
"Geometric Information Divergence:Theory and Practice", with A.O. Hero, B.Oselio and M. Noshad

2. 2017 Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM), Baltimore, Maryland, (USA).
"Estimation of Henze-Penrose Mutual Information via Minimal Spanning Trees", with A.O. Hero

3. SIAM annual meeting (AN17), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, (USA).
" Estimation of Henze-Penrose Divergence Measure", M, Noshad, K.R. Moon and A.O. Hero

4. 57th South African Statistical Association, SASA, (2015), Pretoria, (South Africa) (Invited).
"On weighted Gaussian entropy", with Y. Suhov and I. Stuhl

5. 60th World Statistics Congress, ISI, (2015), Rio de Janeiro, (Brazil).
"Weighted Entropy-Power Inequality", with Y. Suhov and M. Kelbert

6. 9th Annual International Conference on Statistics, (2015), Athens, (Greece).
"Selecting Models via Multivariate Weighted Information Measures", with A. Polpo

Selected Invited Talks

1. University of São Paolo (USP-IME)-Brazil (2015).
"Some results concerning weighted entropies".

2. University of São Paolo in São Carlos (USP-ICMC)-Brazil (2015).
"On the KyFan inequality".

3. University of São Paolo in São Carlos (USP-ICMC)-Brazil (2014).
"The weighted Gibbs inequality and its consequences".

4. University of São Paolo in São Carlos (USP) joint with Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar)-Brazil (2014).
"Comparison Results for GARCH Processes".

5. Politecnico di Torino (Italy). (2012).
"A Tour Based on Dynamic Information Measures in Reliability".

6. Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca (Italy) (2012).
"Comparisons of Concordance in Additive Models".

  • A full list is found here [CV].