University of Michigan

Spring 2011 Workshop in Philosophy and Linguistics
Workshop Schedule


 1. Friday, April 8

         Place: 2271 Angell Hall
400-600pm    Graeme Forbes, "Content and Theme in Attitude Ascriptions"
          Barbara Abbott and Adam Rigoni

  2.  Saturday, April 9

         Place: Henderson Room, Michigan League
930-1130am   Dilip Ninan, "Counterfactual Attitudes and Assessment-Sensitivity"
       Nate Charlow and Eric Swanson
130-330pm    Simon Charlow, "More on the LFs of Attidude Reports
             (co-authored with Yael Sharvit)
        Nick Fleisher and Ezra Keshet
400-600pm    Pranav Anand, "Suppositional Projects and Subjectivity"
        Lisa Levinson and Michael Glanzberg  
700-1000 or later    Dinner and Party at Thomason House

  3.  Sunday, April 10

         Place: Henderson Room, Michigan League
1000-1200am      Emar Maier, "De Se Reports Revisited"
        Itamar Francez and Craige Roberts