University of Michigan

Fall 2008 Workshop in Philosophy and Linguistics
Workshop Schedule


 1. Friday, Nov. 21

         Place: 2271 Angell Hall
400-600    Eliza Block, "Is the Symmetry Problem Really a Problem?"
          Ezra Keshet and Eric Swanson

  2.  Saturday, Nov. 22

         Place: Conference Room D, Michigan League
930-1130   Larry Horn, "On F-implicature: Myth-Analysis and Rehabilitation"
       Mandy Simons and Dustin Tucker
130-330    Nick Asher, "Making the Right Commitments in Dialogue" (co-authored with Alex Lascarides)
        Matthew Stone and Christopher Potts
400-600      Wayne Davis, "Irregular Negations: Implicature and Idiom Theories"
        Barbara Abbott and Eduardo Garcia  
700-1000 or later    Dinner and Party at Thomason House

  3.  Sunday, Nov. 23

         Place: Conference Room D, Michigan League
1000-1200      Robert van Rooij, "Relevance in Cooperation and Conflict" (co-authored with Michael Franke and Tikitu de Jager)
        Zoltan Szabo and Rich Thomason