University of Michigan

Fall 2005 Workshop in Philosophy and Linguistics
Workshop Schedule


 1. Friday, Oct. 28

         Place: Michigan Room, Michigan League
400-600    Kent Johnson, "The Unbelievable Legacy of Methodological Dualism in
                      the Study of Language"
          Hans Kamp, Jason Stanley.

  2.  Saturday, Oct. 29

         Place: Room D, Michigan League
930-1130   Beth Levin, "All Dative Verbs Are Not Created Equal"
       Erin Eaker, Mandy Simons
130-330    Rich Thomason, "Formalizing the Semantics of Derived Words"
        Barbara Abbott, Jeff Pelletier
400-600      Stefan Kaufmann, "Local and Global Interpretations of Conditionals"
        Josh Dever, Kai von Fintel  
700-1000 or later    Dinner and Party at Thomason House

  3.  Sunday, Oct. 30

         Michigan Room, Michigan League
1000-1200      Michela Ippolito, "An Implicature Analysis of 'Only'"
        Josh Brown, Craige Roberts